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If your kids are fans of Disney’s The Lion Guard show, as my younger ones are, then they’re sure to like the new Lion Guard talking plush toys. We were sent the talking plush Kion for review, and it’s a really nice soft cuddly toy with extra features that make it more realistic to the TV show.

The plush Kion is quite a large size, with a nice soft body and lots of details that make him instantly recognisable to fans of the TV show.

Those not fully in the know might mistake him as Simba – since they do look similar, but if you’ve seen the new show which follows on from the popular Lion King movies, then you’ll know that Kion is Simba’s son and you can recognise the lion guard mark on his arm.

The lion guard mark is what makes this plush more special, as it lights up when pressed, as you can see below. As well as lighting up, it also makes sound effects with several different phrases from the show, and sound effects like a roar and Kion’s giggle. These are all very clear with good sound quality, and the volume level is just right. It’s easy to press and activate this with no problems, even for young children.

We also have a Lion Guard Leap and Roar Kion toy which is quite similar, but the main difference I would say is that this one is much softer with a totally soft body and less mechanisms inside, so while the Leap and Roar has slightly more functions, this one can be taken to bed as a cuddly toy and is better for snuggling up with. I actually prefer this one overall, since it does have more of the cuddling and snuggling aspect and is more of a plush. R (5) likes both of them, as he thinks Kion is cool!

The Lion Guard is a lovely show, and as I remember enjoying the Lion King a lot when I was small (it came out when I was about 7 or 8 and it was such a craze in our school!!) it’s lovely to see my kids enjoying the new version for their generation. I have to admit, it is one of the kids TV shows that I like best if I’m snuggling up on the sofa to watch something with them!

There’s also a talking Bunga plush toy available in this toy range with similar features, which looks really cute. We love the character Bunga in the Lion Guard show!

Kids can Join The Lion Guard with these awesome Talking Plush characters available as Kion and Bunga. These 30cm plush characters feature a light up “Mark of the Guard” arm badge and four phrases that are unique to each character.

Kion’s fearsome open mouth pose makes him ready to roar and take on every Pride Land adventure, whilst children can Laugh along with the hilarious Talking Plush Bunga.

The Lion Guard talking plush toys are available for £24.99 each, see for more information

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We were sent Kion in order to review

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