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Before trying the Lilikim Sofalange changing mat, I thought to myself that one changing mat wouldn’t be much different to another. I’d been used to using the traditional flat type of changing mats, but was offered the chance to try this new Lilikim Sofalange changing mat with baby N, and due to it’s wedged shape I thought it may be worth a try to help with her reflux. Since her newborn days, N had not liked being laid down totally flat because she had some reflux, so the mat was ideal for this reason but actually I think it would be great for all babies whether they have reflux or not.

We’ve been using this mat since baby N was around 6 weeks old, and are still using it now that she’s 5 and a half months old. As you can see, the mat is thicker than a traditional changing mat, and has a wedged shape meaning it’s raised at the head end.

In the picture above, I have the fitted sheet cover on the mat. These are made specially to fit the changing mat, and you can remove it really easily to wash, and you can also use the mat without the cover if you prefer. The mat is made of a wipeable waterproof material, with an anti-bacterial & waterproof protective liner, which you can see in the picture below.

Now that Baby N is getting older and more mobile, I notice a big difference changing her on this mat compared to on a flat traditional changing mat. On the traditional mat she is constantly rolling over to try and get onto her front, which is normally her preferred position, whereas on this mat she will tolerate being changed much better and lies much more happily on the mat on her back, allowing me to change her more easily.

I also use the mat for other things like baby massage. It’s the perfect place to lie her for a massage, especially since she’s more comfortable due to the wedge, so it allows her to enjoy the baby massage more. The angle of the wedge allows much more eye contact with your baby, which is a simple thing but I found it makes a lot of difference.

I’ve also used this mat for tummy time when she was a bit smaller. In the same way that you might put a rolled up blanket or a cushion under the shoulders to raise your babies head up a bit for tummy time, the wedge shape of this mat really helped and made it an ideal place to practice this. It helps prevent that situation where a young baby is doing tummy time flat on the floor and not being able to see anything interesting. As a result of this, N became really good at holding her head up. In the picture below she’s two months old, and would hold her head up very steadily on the mat to look at her dolly or other toys.

When lying on their back on the mat, the wedge brings your babies face up a bit nearer to you which makes it easier to interact together as they can see you rather than looking up at the ceiling. I used this mat for so many things, and still do use it daily. It’s a great place to lay your baby down for stretching games and baby yoga, or singing songs and nursery rhymes together.

Before she was rolling, I also used this mat as a safe place to lay baby N down and keep her next to us while playing with all of the older children together in the room. (Please excuse the mess in the picture!) This gave her more freedom to kick and move her body than being placed in a swing or bouncer, and was nice and comfy for her.

I would really recommend this mat for your baby. It is so much more multi purpose than just a baby changing mat, and I didn’t think I would be so enthusiastic about just a baby changing mat – but it’s very well designed and so practical that it’s actually been one of the best baby equipments that we’ve been using.

The Lilikim Sofalange changing mat was created by a French company, and is already very popular in France. You can buy it in the UK via Amazon

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