Kor Geomag

Mr Z has been testing out a new range of construction toys – Kor Geomag. He was sent the Tazoo Paco set to try out.

Kor is a new range from Geomag, suitable for age 5+. It features a round magnet in the core which you then build upon to create varieties of cool creatures. Mr Z is always interested in building or creating things, and this toy seems quite different from the other types of construction toy which he has already.

The set includes:

  • One magnet ball for the core of the character
  • 18 square and 8 triangle light green construction pieces with magnets which can attach to the ball
  • 26 differently shaped and sized darker green pieces to make the outer part of the creature
  • 18 extra pieces – eyes, wings, spikes etc to add on.
  • Instruction book with ideas of how to make different characterskor geomag

Mr Z was eager to try it out and started off carefully studying the instructions. He then soon got the hang of how to use the different pieces and was able to experiment with his own ideas.  He loved the magnet in the middle and how it makes such a perfect ball. It does involve a bit of logic and thinking to make sure all the squares and triangles are placed correctly when making the ball but its just the right level for a 5 year old.

After adding all the magnetic pieces, you are free to get a bit more creative and Mr Z was keen to starting adding everything else and especially to make some legs and eyes for his creature.

kor geomag

Mr T was also interested in getting involved although he is under the recommended 5 years. At 4 years, he was able to understand the idea of it and have a go although it does need a little more precision and if handled too roughly some of the pieces can end up coming apart (this is mainly if you press too hard when adding the extras like eyes, wings) so I would say 5+ is about right.

The possibilities are there to make a different creature each time so I think it will be something they will keep going back to. I’m always looking for toys for Mr Z which are not too babyish yet can be played with without too many tiny or breakable pieces as then it’s hard for him to play with 2 year old Mr R nearby (Mr Z doesn’t like to play by himself in his room, they all rather play together downstairs). The Kor Geomag fits in well with that, the pieces are fairly chunky and very solid not easily broken. I can see it lasting really well so the younger ones will be able to use it when they get older too. It has benefits for the imagination, creativity, fine motor skills, logical thinking and awareness of space and shapes, and experimenting with magnetism.

There is another character available in the Kor Geomag Tazoo range, and there is a Proteon range available which is also for 5+ (see it here). These would all work together for eg if you wanted to buy one set each for siblings and then mix and match

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