Kids Toothbrushing Challenge

At any celebration time, Children end up eating more sweet treats! With Halloween just gone, there would be sweets and treats from trick or treating. At Bonfire Night there is the traditional toffee apples, or freshly cooked donuts! At Christmas, it’s uncommon to find a child who’s not going to be having some extra chocolate – whether a chocolate santa, chocolate coins or even from the chocolate advent calenders. We also give the kids lots of extra treats and deserts at Eid.

Knowing that these are the times we need to take even more extra special care of the children’s teeth – we were recently sent a Dental Hygiene box for the boys to take part in a kids toothbrushing challenge over Halloween.

kids toothbrushing

Mr Z and Mr T were sent children’s electric toothbrushes. This is great as I had been thinking of getting this to replace their usual manual toothbrushes and see if it makes a difference to how clean they can get their teeth every day when brushing. Mr Z loves his electric toothbrush. Mr T is still a little unsure but hopefully it will grow on him! I do feel it does a better job for them and gives me more confidence that their teeth will be as clean as possible. We were also sent a packet of children’s dental flossers. I had never seen these before and wasn’t aware that you can get special dental floss for children! This is great to get them into the best habits early on!

They were also sent a chart to tick off once they have brushed their teeth each morning and evening, this is a good idea to give the children a visual reminder.

Finally, the boys were sent some sugar free treats each! They tasted just as good as the usual chocolates but must be kinder on teeth!

Thanks to Oasis Dental Care for our Dental Hygiene Package!

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  1. My kids floss with a small handled flosser which they use to clean in between their teeth.

    It teaches them young how to get awkward seeds etc out from between the teeth.


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