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I was given the challenge of £50 to spend on Kids Partywear from F&F. Along with other bloggers, I have been browsing the Clothing at Tesco website to find some great party looks, and the winning blogger will win an extra £200 F&F voucher!


As I have mentioned before on the blog, I do buy a lot of the boys clothes from F&F anyway as it’s great value and they have a good selection of clothes so I was quite confident that I could find a suitable outfit for all of the boys.

I decided on:

Tesco Party wear

The first one I chose was the Fox jumper for Z (age 5). This is so cute and quirky! Together with the chinos and boots he will look great for any party. I always go for a more smart casual party look for the boys as they like to be comfortable and run around and play at any party they go to!


For T (age 3), I found the party animal t-shirt. This is such a bargain for £4! Again it’s quite a quirky style and it suits T with it’s fun look as he is a cheeky little guy with a good sense of humour.

For R (age 2), I got the sunglasses polo. R always looks so smart and cool in a polo shirt so that is why I picked this for him.  T and R are modelling the outfits with trousers they already had, but both their trousers were originally from F&F too!


tescoboysI’m really happy with the boys party wear outfits and I feel that Tesco offers a brilliant balance of style and price!

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