Kids Christmas Crafts Activity Advent Calendar

There are so many creative advent calendars around these days – it’s no longer just a chocolate, or a picture behind a door. We really like some of the toy advent calendars that are around like the Playmobil or LEGO ones, but if you wanted to focus on quality time with the kids this advent season then why not try making your own kids Christmas crafts advent calendar?

Using a wooden advent calendar that you can find in craft shops, you can make your own calendar using whatever ideas you like, and change it up each year. How about writing different crafty or fun creative activities on pieces of paper and putting one inside each of the doors, so that the kids can open it up and discover their fun project for the day?


We were sent our calendar thanks to: Action Storage, school lockers supplier.

The first task could be to decorate the calendar itself!

Here are a few more ideas that you could use to fill up your crafty Christmas advent calendar:


You could add a few other fun activities or special days out too, like

  • Visit a Santa’s grotto
  • Go Ice skating
  • See a pantomime or Christmas show
  • See Reindeer at your local farm park
  • Watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate and marshmallows
  • Shop for gifts and give them to a good cause (a lot of shopping centres have trees where you can take donate gifts to children)
  • Go on a walk or drive to see all of the local Christmas lights
  • Play Christmas board games

There are more than 24 ideas here, so you can choose whatever suits you the most or swap some out for your own ideas.

I love how open ended these kind of advent calendars are, and you could repurpose it for all kinds of activities and learning games throughout the year too – putting different letters behind each door to help kids learning their alphabet for example.

What type of advent calendar do you use? If you have some more ideas, share them with me in the comments.

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