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jaffa sky rideJaffa Fruits have been busy attending lots of Sky Ride events over the summer and handing out their clementines, reflectors and discount coupons! Sky Rides are fun cycling events which have been happening up and down the country. For the big SkyRide events, the roads are closed to cars so that it is a traffic free bike road.

The final two Sky Ride events are happening this weekend in York and Birmingham – so if you are nearby why not check it out.

You can see the details for each event below:



As you can see, Mr Jaffa has been making an appearance and keeping things lively!

jaffa sky rideThese Sky Rides sound like great events, I would love to take part with the boys once their riding is a bit stronger.

jaffa sky rideCycling is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time, so it’s great to see events promoting this in a family friendly and fun way.

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As the Sky Ride events draw to a close, Jaffa are offering one reader the chance to win the following Prize pack to help you enjoy some more cycling fun!

A biking pack including a Halfords bike pump, bike light, cycle computer, fan and water bottle, along with a Jaffa Fruit t-shirts, orange-shaped reflectors and ponchos – value £50

Enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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68 thoughts on “Jaffa Sky Ride Competition”

  1. I’d love to cycle more but university and living in the city is proving a little difficult. I used to be into cycling but have been cycling less and less with time.

  2. I cycle now and then – especially with my eldest son (he’s 7) as it’s a great way to keep fit. We are lucky though in that there are lots of safer local routes (our favourite is along the goit at Brinscall where cars can’t travel and he can use the playground when he reaches our destination) – I’d be a lot more hesitant cycling with my son if I lived in a city with all the traffic though.

  3. I used to cycle a lot but currently have no usable bike, am keeping an eye out for a good secondhand one as money is very tight at the moment. My husband is the cyclist – he uses it rather than getting the bus in the warmer months. We’ve both been cycling for many years but not always as much as we would like – we live in a city and its dangerous out there on the roads!

  4. as a family we love cycling. there is nothing like feeling the breeze in your face as you pick up the pace cycling….takes you right back to your childhood 🙂

  5. I don’t really at all right now as we dont’ have the storage space. We are however hoping to move in near future at which point bikes will be a priority

  6. I’ve done 6 duathlons which include a 30 mile bike ride (after a 20 miles on foot!)…. My son loves cycling also & gets upset when the dark nights come & he can’t get out as often

  7. tbh I haven’t cycled in ages and my husband keeps laughing at my bike sitting in the garage not getting used. I really should go out cycling with my daughter instead of just waiting until my husband is home to take her a cycle ride.


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