How to Transform Your Baby Bedroom to a Teen Cave

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When the time comes to decorate your teenage boy/girl’s bedroom, then you know they are growing up too fast. Children aren’t going to want animals on their wall forever and will soon want to replace this with images of their friendship group and favourite singer.

If you have found this post by searching for hints and tips on decorating your teenager’s bedroom, then you have come to the right place. Here are Happy Beds’ top tips on transforming your little boy/girl’s bedroom into the perfect teenage den.

How to Transform Your Baby Bedroom to a Teen Cave

Choose A Plain Wallpaper

No matter how much your son/daughter exclaims that they love the wallpaper with boisterous patterns on, don’t let them have it. Their tastes will chance within a year and this wallpaper will quickly become their most hated pattern design – so do your bank account a favour and ask them to choose their favourite colour paint.

Let Them Decorate in a Cost-Effective Way

Allow photo frames and posters to get stuck onto the wall, but make sure you BAN glue and ensure that they only use Blue Tack to ensure that they can be taken off in the future. Redecorating isn’t cheap, so this is a way to let them personalise their bedroom without breaking the bank.

It is Time to Get Rid of the Bunk Bed!

The time has come to scrap the kid’s bunk beds and to replace them with a spacious small double bed. While you may think that getting rid of the bunk bed may ruin your chances of hosting guests for the night that have children, they can always share the double bed for cosy film nights!

Plus, it gives them more space for their growing teenage bodies and they can starfish their way through a good night’s sleep.

Add Extra Storage

The thing with teenagers is that they don’t want to leave their favourite childhood dolls and teddies on display, yet they also refuse to throw them away. So, how can you win as a parent? A great way to invest in new smart storage, other than buy a new cupboard that there may not be room for, is to invest in an ottoman storage bedwhich has several compartments underneath the bed with easy access.

Set Up a Study Area

Teenagers need a quiet place to study, which is why adding a small study section isn’t a terrible idea. Invest in a comfortable desk and chair with plenty of working space so that they have no excuse not to study that little bit harder.

This post was written in collaboration with Happy Beds; the UK’s fastest growing online bed and mattress store, and also the only UK supplier of the 100% recyclable cardboard bed.

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