How to spruce up your child’s bedroom

As the children grow, their bedrooms and playrooms may need updating regularly, to make sure that the space is still working well for their needs and suits their development and interests. Having a room that they can enjoy is really valuable for a child, especially in a busy household, it’s great for them to have that space to go and relax if they need to. With four children, we have decorated the bedrooms many times over the years! Here are a few simple tips to help spruce up your child’s bedroom if it’s time for yours to be updated.

If you want to make the most out of the potential in your child’s room, It’s worth considering multi-functional furniture pieces, that are practical as well as stylish. This is especially true if you have a smaller space to work with. For our eldest son, we’ve chosen a mid sleeper bed with plenty of storage underneath, and a pull out desk. Whereas for a younger child these Julian Bowen midsleeper beds with a tent at Children’s Bed Shop offer a really fun playful space, and discrete toy storage, without taking up a bigger footprint in the room than a normal single bed would have done.

Colour schemes are another important area that can take a lot of thought. It’s best to choose something that will stand the test of time as your child matures. Rather than going for a really bold colour that they may hate in a couple of years, something a little more neutral or subtle may be a safer choice. For this reason, we decided to paint our daughter’s room in a more mature and tasteful blush pink shade rather than a baby pink or candy pink that might seem more babyish later. She is only a toddler now, but hopefully this colour scheme can really grow with her for a good few years.

Actually, even plain white walls can work really well if accessorised nicely with prints or pictures. It gives you a brilliant blank canvas to work with, and means that you can very easily change the whole look and theme of the room just by switching out soft accessories and other details.

Simple yet stunning wall decals are a very painless way to give your child’s room a full make over, without going to the trouble of wallpapering. You can get the effect of a wall mural without all of that hard work, and if they change their minds down the line it’s much quicker to reverse too. The great thing about adding wall decals is that they can add that sense of art without it taking over the space. If you’ve got fitted wardrobes, or you need to upgrade your child’s space, it can be a bit imposing to put pictures up everywhere, especially when practicality need to take centre stage. Decorating a space with too much imagery may be great for your child, but it can make the space look cluttered. But thankfully, decals work in pretty much any space. I’ve used many different wall stickers in the children’s bedrooms and playroom over the years and found them particularly good when we were renting and unable to add character by painting the rooms different colours.

When decorating or updating your child’s room, the main goal is always making the room somewhere they want to spend their time and be a space that they can enjoy. This is easy to do by including books and toys, with good storage options to house all of these precious things tidily. Plenty of book shelves is a huge must for us in the children’s rooms, as I ask them to read every night for quiet time before sleeping. This really helps them to sleep well, as they’ve taken the time to wind down and switch off from screens so it’s essential to have a good selection of books clearly displayed for each child.

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