How to Design (And Upkeep) The Perfect Playroom

The perfect playroom is where kids can go and entertain themselves for hours. It is where they can learn to combat their own boredom and alight their imaginations. With the right parenting, it is also how they can learn the responsibility of cleaning after themselves, managing themselves on their own, and work out social norms on their own. Playtime is so crucial for healthy development, and a playroom can be the perfect place to contain their imaginations without worrying about them spilling out into the rest of the house. 

Though their playroom doesn’t have to be complex, it should be well designed and easy to upkeep so that your little youngsters can have fun in a great environment that can easily be converted back into a study once they have grown up. To design such a great, versatile space, all you need is to follow this guide: 

Choose plush carpeting to handle all their adventures 

Carpets are a great material for playrooms because it allows kits to sit or lie down comfortably for hours while they play with their toys and act out their imaginations. Choose a carpet that is plush, comfortable, and easy to clean. If you later decide to swap out the carpet for a better floor when the playroom is no longer necessary, it can be a budget-friendly swap as well. 

To keep your carpet looking pristine and your kids their healthiest and happiest, you’ll want to invest in steam carpet cleaning at least twice a year. They’ll be using this carpet regularly, but unlike their clothes, you can’t wash it easily after they are done for the day. This problem can easily be resolved with a quick steam clean that gets right into the fibres of your carpet and upholstery. 

Double up on shelving to contain all their toys 

Shelves are great because they can give kids an easy way to put their toys away and can offer you space to store items as well. The top shelves can house Christmas decorations, bottom shelves their toys. Choose cheap, but sturdy shelves to facilitate their playtime that can then be changed out as necessary when they grow up. 

Have sorting buckets to make cleaning easy 

Have buckets or baskets to make it easy to sort toys and tidy up the room. Special buckets for everything from crayons to teddy toys can help even the youngest of children put away their items and find them again easily. 

Invest in a low-rise table 

A plush carpet is great for when kids are playing with their toys, but they aren’t that great for drawing or painting. By investing in a low-rise table, and even placing that table on a mat, you can allow your kids to create art to their heart’s content without too much mess. 

Coat the walls with stain-resistant paint 

Stains will happen, and that’s inevitable. Water-based paints and markers can make it easy to get off, but by investing in that mat underneath their art table and painting the walls with a paint that is resistant to stains can help make it easy to keep the room clean. 

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