How to create a homework corner for kids 

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How to create a homework corner for kids 

Unfortunately, not everyone has a study room for the kids to work in. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for your children to be doing their homework in front of the living room TV either. To work successfully they need minimal distractions, and for minimal distractions, they need a designated homework corner. 

Putting together an area like this does require a bit of foresight and effort. There’re a few things to remember, and they’re listed here for you below.

Spacing arrangements

When setting up the corner, try to make sure it’s not a literal tiny corner. When your kid needs help with their homework, it’s important that there’s enough room for you both sit down and tackle all the conundrums together. That means a desk two people can lean on, and room for two chairs. After all, it’s been suggested that UK parents spend the least amount of time helping their kids compared to other countries, so ensure there’s room for you or your partner at the table too! 

It’s best to choose the biggest room for this arrangement too. If your living room is frequently where chaos and anarchy are found, perhaps areas like the kitchen or dining room could be better suited. They’re probably used sparingly unless someone is eating or preparing a meal, so there’ll likely be less noise. If there’s room in your kids bedroom for a little desk, that’s definitely the best place for quiet and focus! 

Adequate lighting 

Your kids can’t study if they can’t see. Additionally, if the available lighting is poorly arranged, your kids will find that shadows are being cast all over their books, impairing their version somewhat still. Therefore, once their little desk or table is set up, place a table lamp atop it to light everything on the desk up to an appropriate level.  

This way, your kids will have a much easier time when the area around them is well-lit. If dark winter evenings start to occur, then it won’t impede their studies and there’ll be no unfinished work. Furthermore, if you see that their lamp is on, you know that they’re working and are not to be disturbed unless they ask for your help. Do some research to find what works for you and your homework corner, and you’ll improve things greatly.  

Essential items

You should also swap out any clutter for essential items only, such as; a computer or laptop, staplers, pen pots, rulers, calendars, clocks, paper trays and printers, for example. Everything present should have a purpose and a use that’s relevant to study, so if you see any mobile phones or other distracting items lying about, put them elsewhere. Homework corner is about homework! 

Be sure to give your kids back all their toys and/or phones when they’re finished. Once they’re deprived of their distractions, this can be a motivating factor for them to get on with their work, finish quickly, and have time enough left for play or texting. Every item has an effect on streamlining the focus on the work, so keep that in mind when putting it all together.  

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