Hotel Transylvania Inspired Frankenstein Make Up for Halloween

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We’re loving Hotel Transylvania these days, after watching Hotel Transylvania 2 a couple of weeks back. There’s plenty of inspiration for Halloween costumes among the monster characters of the movie, and today I’m sharing a Halloween look inspired by Frankenstein.

Hotel Transylvania Frankenstein monster make up for Halloween

Simple Frankenstein Make Up for Halloween

So here’s how to transform yourself or a family member into Frankenstein in six easy steps, using face paint and make up.

Step 1: Find some light blue face paint and cover your face from the top of your hair line to the bottom of your neck, including ears.

Step 2: Find some dark blue eyeliner and line your entire eye from inner corners to the outsides, on both eyes.

Step 3: With some dark blue eye shadow, smudge the eye liner around your eyes to make the line a bit smokey

Step 4: With the dark blue eye liner, make vertical lines along your eye brows to mimic the appearance of stitches.

Step 5: From the left side of your temple to the right side, draw a horizontal line with the blue eye liner, then make vertical lines along that to mimic stitches.

Step 6: With some dark blue lipstick, fill in your lips for a Franken-Pout worthy of Halloween!

Click here to download the instructions in PDF format, to print and refer back to as you do your Frankenstein make over.

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