Hotel Chocolat Mingles and Jingles

hotel chocolate mingles and jinglesI’ve been a fan of Hotel Chocolat since I was newly married (quite a few years ago!) and my husband introduced me to their chocolate as there was a shop near his work at Moorgate station. He sometimes buys me their chocolate slabs, which are a real treat, so I was really interested in trying out some of the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range and I was sent a bag of Mingles and Jingles to try out.

Mingles and Jingles come in a cloth draw string bag and are individually wrapped christmassy shaped delicious chocolates. The three varieties included are:

  • Milk Chocolate Penguins
  • White Chocolate Bells
  • Caramel Chocolate Angels

hotel chocolat mingles and jinglesI like that each one comes individually wrapped as when giving it to them children it makes it easier for them to have just one at time rather than keeping coming back for more! It also means that they all stay fresh until opened and that the bag does not get any chocolate marks on it!

Mine and the boys’ favourite shape is the penguin chocolates as they are very cute. As these are milk chocolate these were the most ideal for the children to try out, so we did share those with them and kept the other flavours for the grown ups.

hotel chocolat penguinThe white chocolate is more sophisticated than normal white chocolate that children may eat, as it has a lot of vanilla flavour to it. I really liked the taste of these, and the caramel one too. The caramel is a flavour within the chocolate, so the chocolate is a little sweeter than the milk chocolate but it is a solid chocolate rather than having a caramel filling as some may expect by the name.

Mingles and Jingles are Β£21 in Hotel Chocolat for the bag which is 380g and 35 chocolates. It makes a great treat to share over Christmas and would also make a nice gift. They are an ideal choice if you are looking for an alcohol free selection of chocolates.

Which flavour do you fancy the most? Let me know in the comments

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  1. I didn’t realise there were other flavours when I looked in that bag at your house! I thought they were all those same penguins lol


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