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Christmas is a time for indulgence, and if chocolate is your treat of choice you can’t really go wrong with Hotel Chocolate, whether it’s to treat yourself or as a gift for a loved one. We tried out a couple of items from their Christmas range and they did not disappoint.

The first item we tried (And my favourite) was the Winter Desserts H Box

Winter Desserts H Box from Hotel Chocolat

This box includes 14 chocolates inspired by winter puddings like Apple Strudel, Mince Pie Brownie, Gingerbread, and Christmas Mess. I really liked the selection and variety included here. Each chocolate has so much flavour and taste, unlike buying a generic chocolate box from a cheaper brand. With this H Box you can slowly enjoy these one by one and really taste the difference between each one.

My favourite is probably the raspberry panacotta, for the lovely fruity taste and it looks beautifully pink too!

Winter Desserts H Box Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts H Box Another great option from Hotel Chocolat is their Classic Nano Slab Chocolate Collection.

hotel chocolate nano slab gallery

The slabs from Hotel Chocolat are iconic, and if you can’t make your mind up and commit to just one big one – then this is your solution. There is a winter collection of nano slabs too, but this one includes 9 classic Nano Slabs in all chocolate grades, from Dark Fruit and Nut to White Cookie Crème. This one would be a fool proof option if you’re buying gifts too – there has to be something for everyone in here!

Hotel chocolate nano slab box

Whichever you go for, I do recommend the Hotel Chocolat brand. They’re always great quality and have a feeling of luxury to them, and are perfect for relaxing in front of a movie over the Christmas season, or sharing with friends and family on a night in.

We were gifted the products in order to review

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