Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Trackset Review

The Super Speed Blastway Trackset is another fun racing set from Hot Wheels. You can launch two cars on this track and it has been providing lots of fun for my boys. All three of my boys (age 3, 5 and 6) enjoy Hot Wheels cars and always have a lot of fun with the Hot Wheels track sets, so they were keen to give this new one a try.

hot wheels super speed blastway trackset box

The Super Speed Blastway is one of the more compact sets that we’ve seen, which is a positive for me since it doesn’t take up too much space in their rooms and it’s easy to assemble. This set does not need to be wall mounted, and is small enough to be picked up and moved to a different room if you want to play it elsewhere.

The set comes with one Hot Wheels race car and you can of course use your own collection of Hot Wheels cars with this track too. My kids have built up quite a collection of cars, so they had plenty to race with.

hot wheels carsYou can see the included car here at the front. Like all Hot Wheels cars it has plenty of detail and looks very cool. This is important to my kids, and I think it makes the cars more fun since they enjoy inspecting all the details and comparing which car would be the best and fastest.

To make the track set, minimal assembly is required but instructions are included and it is not too taxing. My husband and 6 year old managed it fine. All the large pieces of track are included and you just slot everything together to make the set.

hot wheels super speed blastway trackset assemblyOnce the set is completed, you will see two spaces to launch cars, and a row of flags at the end of the race way.

hot wheels super speed blastway tracksetIt’s very easy to launch the cars, and once they speed off you will see the flags fly out – activated by the cars. This adds to the excitement of the car race and was lots of fun for the boys to play with.

hot wheels super speed blastway trackset

This Hot Wheels trackset is a fun toy that appeals to all three of my children and they are able to play with together. It’s kept them entertained well and I think it would appeal to most children of their ages (3-6) and slightly older too, if they have an interest in cars and racing.

The Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway trackset is available from many toy shops including Amazon with an RRP of £22.99

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Slow Motion Video

We also took a short video so that you can see the set in action. The cars move really quickly so this video is in slow motion so that you can see them better.


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  1. Gordson bennett, I’m not showing my 2 boys this, they’d adore it. It seems totally the sort of thing that’d get mine squealing and laughing and screaming and jumping up and down. I’td totally end in tears – but there’d be a lot of laughs first 😀


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