Harry Potter New Artwork Reveal

As big Harry Potter fans, we’re excited to share with you the new updated covers for one of the Harry Potter movies – The Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter is such a great story that’s stood the test of time. I really enjoyed the books and movies as a kid and now my children love them too! It’s been a lot of fun re-reading and re-watching with them (we’re currently up to The Order of the Phoenix)

As one of the earlier movies (set in the 2nd year of school) The Chamber of Secrets is a great one for the younger Harry Potter fans.

The new DVD cover artwork and new Blu-Ray artwork both have a really different look to them. I love how striking and effective the new Blu-Ray artwork is, and my kids prefer the more character focused artwork of the new DVD cover, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Which of the new covers do you prefer?


You’ll be able to see all of the new Harry Potter covers over on Pottermore.com from 5pm today, so do go over and check those out. 

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