Goodfella’s for a Good night in!

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I love a good night in, either with my sister or my close friends (and obviously my husband :p) Although I do spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter, you really can’t beat spending time with friends face to face to have a proper chat and a laugh. Goodfella’s have just done some research that more and more people are finding that as their time gets stretched, their friendships are turning purely digital whereby they end up just catching up on Facebook rather than making time for a meet up. To help make sure this doesn’t happen, Goodfella’s sent us a brilliant chillax pack to help us have a great night in, including vouchers for Pizza, some candles and a relaxing cd, and loads more!

Most weeks I do try to have a night in with my sister on the weekend. We may miss a couple when one of us is busy but we always try our best to make it – especially when it is X factor season as that is much better to watch with company!


That’s my sister. We do look quite alike as we are identical twins. We also have the same sense of humour which makes her great for a night in!

twistershoesOur matching feet, relaxing for a night in 😀


I do find Pizza is ideal food for a night in as there’s not too much effort involved in preparing it, and its easy to eat while watching tv or a movie. Buying a pizza like Goodfella’s and oven baking it at home also saves us quite a bit of money compared to getting a take away. With our voucher we got Goodfella’s Extra Thin Mozarella & Pesto and we also bought one of the deeper pan Goodfella’s pizzas to try.


Goodfella’s extra thin pizza served with salad and potato wedges. Goodfella’s also sent over the Pizza baking stone which we used to bake and to serve the pizza, and it worked really well. I have been wanting one of those for a while!

Thanks to Goodfella’s for a great night in and I’m sure it will not be long at all until our next one!

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