Go Mini Power Boost Review

We love seeing new toys that have come out, and as the boys are all very interested in cars we were really excited to try out the new Go Mini Power Boost from Golden Bear. The Go Mini range has often caught my eye and the Power Boost is a great addition to the range.

Go mini power boost racer from Golden Bear toysThe Go Mini Power Boost racer is a larger car, around the typical size for a remote control car but it is powered by the buttons on top with no need for an additional controller. The more you press the button, the further the car will travel and the lights on the top light up each time the button has been pressed. The boys prefer to press three times and let the car go for its full distance.

go mini power boost carIt’s very easy to use and all the boys (2-6) are able to work it without any help. They love to see it racing along the floor.

As the buttons are pressed, and the car is lighting up it makes a revving sound and when it stops moving it skids into a hand break turn with a sound effect which the boys find really funny.

go mini power boost lighting upThere is a wheel mechanism underneath the car which allows it to do these moves, and you can also switch it off underneath to preserve the batteries. The toy takes 3x AA batteries and these are included which is always handy as it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

Go mini power boostThe boys love the look of the car. Minis are so distinctive, so they easily recognise it as a mini and it appealed to them straight away. These Go Mini Power Boost racers come in a variety of colours. Ours is the blue and then you can also get green or red.

They are pretty solid and can withstand play by over excitable children. We have had remote control cars in the past which have been a little flimsy and not lasted very well, which is so disappointing for the children as they love their cars but this is a lot stronger and still looks as good as new after a few weeks of being played with regularly.

go mini power boost racer


The Go Mini Power Boost is recommended for ages 3-7 years which seems right to me. All of my boys aged (almost) 3-6 enjoy playing with this. It appeals the most to my youngest, Mr R who is going to be three in a couple of weeks and I can see this keeping his interest for a long time, as he always enjoys playing with cars.

The Go Mini Power Boost is available from many good toy shops including Amazon (affiliate)

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