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We are loving modge podge lately. It’s so easy for kids to use and can create some really fun crafts. For this simple Christmas tree craft, we used an empty glass bottle from a soft drink along with some tissue paper and mod podge. You can experiment with the colours and details to make all kinds of different glass Christmas trees.

glass bottle modge podge Christmas tree craft to make with kids


Like I mentioned, you’ll need:

  • Glass bottle (or try plastic if you’re crafting with younger toddlers and worrying about the glass) – We used these appletiser bottles
  • Coloured tissue paper, including green with some other colours to make decorations and yellow for the star
  • Mod Podge (we use sparkle mod podge), and glitter glue (optional for extra sparkle)
  • Cardboard (for the star) and a glue gun or strong double sided tape


To decorate your glass Christmas tree, just rip the tissue and mod podge it directly on to the glass bottle. My kids do this with a paint brush, and it’s best to be quite generous with the mod podge.

Cover the entire bottle in green tissue paper first, and then rip smaller pieces from the other colours to make decorations. We added some glitter glue with sequins and sparkles in it, to add some extra sparkly detail. We squeeze on the glue, and then spread it with the mod podge paint brush. If you wash it soon after finishing the craft, the glue and mod podge comes out of the brush fine although to be on the safe side, don’t use your best paint brushes!

Once the bottle is finished, do the same tissue paper and mod podge process on a cardboard star that you have cut out, and when dry attach this to the top of the bottle using your glue gun or strong double sided tape

glass bottle modge podge Christmas tree craft to make with kids

Give it all some time to dry, and you have your own kid made glass Christmas tree. It shines in the light too (not easy to capture on camera!)  Try standing it on the window sill to let the sunlight shine through!

glass bottle modge podge Christmas tree craft to make with kids

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  1. What a fab idea! Great shape for an angel too. Will definitely be trying this with L, D & S. During December I think you should be able to see a little bit of residual glitter in children’s hair etc everyday! Love Craftmas, love Christmas x


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