Give Your Child’s Playroom A Personal Touch In 3 Easy Steps

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Approximately 61.4 percent of families in the UK live with dependent children as of 2019. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of households with cohabiting couples increased by over a quarter. Because of the presence of children in the family, some households would opt to build a playroom for the benefit of the kids. But sometimes, building a playroom can be overwhelming, both mentally and financially. Thankfully, there are plenty of unique ideas that will inspire you to design your child’s room.

Here’s how to give your child’s playroom a personal touch in 3 easy steps.

Create A Unique Aesthetic Through Laser Design

If you want to incorporate a touch of bespoke in your child’s playroom, consider their daily activities and interests. Want to incorporate swings or transform their playroom into an indoor climbing wall? One of the best ways to create the ultimate playroom is to look for a laser cutting service that can achieve your design. According to experts at Made CNC, you can create intricate designs that serve as wall furniture or 3D decor.  These can be matched with trendy matte furniture to make each decor standout.

Transform Walls Into Learning Spaces

Your kids’ playroom can also turn into an educational room by turning a wall into a giant vertical game of scrabble where kids can play and learn spelling and vocabulary words. You can even attach a roll of craft paper where children can draw or color on their own. This will prevent them from ruining the wall paint every time they write on it.

You can also use chalkboard paint to spruce up the cabinets then place some colored chalk nearby. It will not only allow the kids to decorate and re-decorate their room using their own designs, but also teach them how to be creative. This space allows them to express their imagination through their own artwork.

Incorporate Fun Storage Solutions

If you have the budget, opt for customized cupboards and shelves fitted on an entire wall to save on floor space. It can also serve as a decorative area if you combine open and closed shelving. This way, you can display their favorite collections with storing away outdated items. It will also provide a learning opportunity to teach them how to pack their toys away when not in use. You can also turn the shelves into a hanging library by adding books to the open shelves. Just make sure that the storage space fits your child’s everyday needs and style.

Designing a playroom for your kids can be a fun family project. But it can also be a challenge when you’re not prepared. As long as you know what you want in your child’s room, you will never run out of ideas to choose from. It will also help if you include your child throughout the entire planning and incorporate their own personalities in the design.

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