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Gift giving is a great opportunity to either show the thoughtful and personal side by choosing something that links into an existing interest or passion, or to give a  gift that will open up a new interest for the receiver and help them develop new skills. Whichever side you fall on, buying a musical gift could be a great idea! You can find more exciting music items when you visit Music Critic. They provide the latest reviews on the top-rated music instruments and tools in the market today

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers. Music themed gift guide


We recently had a look at the Musicroom website. They have introduced a fun new gift guide app that makes it really easy to find something suitable. I used a combination of the app, and just browsing the site, to find some music themed gifts for Mr Z.

He had been enjoying playing some piano apps on my phone lately, and I remember starting to learn piano at around his age as a child (6 years old) so I thought I would choose a few things for him to get him started with piano. Even if he does not end up taking it up seriously or long term, I think basic music skills like learning how to read music and understanding the basics of an instrument are important for all children to learn as a part of their general development – plus it’s fun to learn!

musicroomsiteUsing the app you can choose gifts easily based on the category, instrument and price range and select whether it’s for an adult or child and beginner or intermediate.

I selected a mini keyboard for Mr Z (I’m sure I will end up sharing it with him a bit, because I also enjoy playing – and I got the Frozen sheet music for myself!) and a beginner level book which I can use to teach him the basics. Gifts which you can do together or involve spending lots of quality time are always a great idea in my book.

For many people who are new to the guitar, the instrument may seem daunting. But, it is actually a very accessible instrument and can be mastered by anyone with a few months of practice. Yamaha acoustic guitars also make amazing gifts at any age. It can be a great way of getting them into music if they are not already into it.  Learning to play guitar is an activity most people can enjoy. The guitar is a versatile instrument that is easy to learn, with many benefits.

I also chose a few music themed accessories since there are lots of cute and very affordable stocking fillers available on the site. We loved the idea of the mood changing pencils, and all the music themed mugs or notebooks look great. These type of small gifts would be great for secret santa if you find yourself buying for a music lover.

For the younger boys I got a couple of the Jingle Puzzles. These seem like a great way to include music in playtime for even the youngest toddlers , and to link it up to the nursery rhymes that they will already be familiar with and enjoy. We got Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Wheels on the Bus which have both been favourites here for many years now since Mr Z was little.

What gifts would you choose for the music lover in your life? Let me know your ideas in the comments


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  1. These are great things that I think musicians and music lovers alike would really enjoy .. Though we all have different tastes and musical preferences, would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a favorite musical genre or artist.thanks for this great list.


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