Geomag Magicube Review

Magicube is a brilliant range from Geomag, which is suitable for the youngest builders. This construction system, suitable for age 1 and up, is really intuitive and fun to use and is something that N has returned to time and time again.

We were sent a set of the free building cubes and the mix and match cubes, all of which are compatible together.

There are so many varieties available (see the Geomag website) that you can keep adding to your collection and expand your building possibilties as time goes on.

N has just turned two, and has been playing with these cubes for a couple of months. Because they are magnetic, they stack much more easily than typical blocks or cubes allowing younger children to make really tall towers with ease, and without the frustration of them falling down easily.

There’s also lots to talk about with the colours and patterns, you can use them for simple colour sequencing activities, or colour sorting, as well as lots and lots of free play of course. They are a really open ended resource and something that N, and her visiting friends, have been instantly drawn to.

The mix and match cubes are a great idea, as they are like a cross between building blocks and puzzles. You get 6 blocks in the pack which allows you to make 6 different animals and 6 different workers – so lots of combinations. You can complete the puzzles matching up the top middle and bottom to create the correct picture, or make up your own weird and wonderful combinations. N enjoys doing both of these things!

The quality of the Magicube blocks is great, the colours are fixed on to the blocks rather than being stickers, so there is nothing to rip or come off. They are well made and should last for years and years! They are a great size for little hands, and big enough that you don’t need to worry if they do go into the mouth with the younger toddlers.

These are a great toy, and something we would definitely recommend for toddlers of around 1-3 years old. There is then a slightly more advanced range of Magicube that you can expand on to once your child is 3+ and looking for a little more complexity.

For more information visit the Geomag website. We were sent the toys as review samples

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