Garden Ideas for a Valentines Tea Party

valentines party garden ideas

Now that we are half way through January, I’m already looking forward to Spring. Soon the snowdrops and bluebells will be coming out, and Valentines Day is on it’s way which has to mean that spring will be in the air! I am always daydreaming about garden ideas and here are some ideas I put together for a Valentines Tea Party in the garden, with decorations, craft activities and games.

Hanging Love Letters garden ideas for Valentines

Hanging Love Letters: – £29.50 each from Johnny’s Sister, available in a variety of fabrics and colours. These look great hanging in the trees for a sweet childlike effect!

valentines Heart Bunting

Wedding bunting also works well for a Valentines decoration. This simple white bunting is £32.00 also from Jonny’s Sister

If you have a decking area in the garden, this could be a great place to set out the tea party in case it is still a little damp on the ground in february, so picnic rugs on the grass may not work so well.

Hearts tea service for valentines tea party

 This Hearts Tea Service is perfect for the Valentines theme, although at £195 this is not really one for the very young children to use. For older children who are more careful it would be a special addition to the tea party.

For a lower budget option, this Two Tier Cake stand from Hunky Dory will do the job brilliantly for any little valentines cupcakes!

valentines heart cake stand


For ideas of sweet treats have a look at an older post on making heart shaped cake slices, or you could try these great heart shaped cake pops from A Mummy Too. Another easy hint to make a heart shaped fairy cake is to place a marble at the top of the cake case, making the case dent inwards to form a heart shape – that way the mixture bakes in a heart shape!

For a great selection of Valentines craft ideas for all ages check out this Pinterest group board: Love Valentines for Kids

Some craft ideas could be:

  • Making heart shaped paper chains
  • Decorating card or fabric hearts
  • Decorating Valentines cupcakes that have been baked earlier
  • Decorating a glass jar for valentines messages from family and friends. Each person could then write or decorate a small message for each other on a heart shaped card or paper and put them into the jars.

Valentines themed party games and activities:

  • Pin the heart on the teddy (Like pin the tail on the donkey with a Valentines twist)
  • Flower making competition – Making roses or flowers from duck tape then giving a prize for the best one. (some instructions and ideas of how to make these with Duck Tape are here on TheBrickCastle)
  • Pass the parcel with Valentines wrapping paper and gifts – you could put small packs of Love Hearts sweets in each layer.
  • Making rose petal perfume – or whatever flower petals you have available. Mix it all up with shampoo, lotion and whatever else takes their fancy. We used to love doing this as kids! (me, sister and other kids in our street)

What other ideas can you come up with? Share them with me in the comments!

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*Images used with permission from PressLoft. Sponsored link included within the post.

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