Frantics on PlayLink for PS4

Frantics is a new party game on the PS4 using the new PlayLink system. PlayLink allows you to use your phone or tablet as a controller, making it easier for more players to get involved in the game (with up to four players at a time).

This is the first time we’ve tried a PlayLink game, and all of our family have enjoyed having the chance to play in a different way on the PS4. It’s a great way to get the family together, and is really easy for the less serious gamers of the household to pick up easily.

Frantics is made up of lots of mini games, which offers plenty of variety. There are 15 in total, including…

  • Icicle Pickle – Be the last animal standing on a slippery platform where even standing still is a challenge – don’t be afraid to hop on top of your rivals’ shoulders to stay alive.
  • ParaChuChu – Who can hold their nerve and open their parachute last, in a free falling game of chicken?
  • Dough-Knights – Collect as many donuts as you can within the time limit in a jousting arena where you can jab and slam any rivals in your way.

All of the games are hosted by a cheeky Fox character who adds a lot of personality and fun to the proceedings. He dishes out crowns to the winners of each mini games, and if you’re loosing sometimes he will send a secret mission to your phone to help you out a bit (this happened to me most of the time, as I’m just not as good at games as the kids!)

My kids also really liked the auctions that you can do in between mini games, to use your coins to buy a few cool upgrades to help you out in your next game.

You can choose to play either a Fox Party, where the Fox will offer you a succession of mini games culminating in a grand finale, or you can pick which individual mini game you want. Each Fox Party session is quite quick, so I fitted in a couple of rounds this evening between dinner time and the baby’s bath time, which is really nice as it’s an easy and fun way to get some quality time with my boys. I really like party style games where the four of us can play together, so it’s brilliant to see this on the PS4.

Frantics is available to download from the PlayStation store for 15.99, making it a really affordable family game. I’m sure we will continue to get plenty of fun and playtime from Frantics, and I will definitely be checking out some other PlayLink games in future too!

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