Four smart ways to impart independence to your little ones

Whilst it is undoubtedly difficult to tear yourself away from your little ones as they start their journey towards independence, it is worth bearing in mind how good this will be for them in the long term. Whether it’s learning to walk away and leave your child at a new school or playschool no matter how hard it is, or trusting them to sleep unaccompanied in their own bed for the first time: these are landmark steps in your child’s life and shouldn’t be rushed. Here are four smart ways to help your little ones gain more independence, self-confidence and resilience for their journey ahead.

Four smart ways to impart independence to your little ones, useful to get them ready for school

Allow them to create their own space

As they grow older, their personality and interests will develop and there is no guarantee that they will match your own! If they have a hobby they’re passionate about, let them incorporate an element of it into their bedroom to really make it their own space. Discuss ideas with them and let them feel that their parents’ value their opinions. Browse websites such as BedStar together to find the perfect bed to suit their lifestyle and your budget. This will engender a sense of responsibility for their space and will hopefully (although no guarantees!) encourage them to take care of it.

Make them responsible for chores around the home

This is a win-win situation. Giving your child small chores to complete around the home will not only mean that you have less to do but will also impart increased awareness of what it takes to care for a home. It can range from a simple task, such as sweeping the kitchen floor to being responsible for their laundry and gradually becoming more complex as they grow older. This way, when the time comes for them to move out there will be fewer phone calls in the middle of the night asking how a washing machine works!

Praise their efforts

This is especially important as they’re growing accustomed to new tasks and activities. Offering your children praise even if the end result isn’t exactly perfect, will give them the self-confidence to keep going until they are perfect. Like the rest of us, if your child feels that they’re bad at something just a small bit of praise can be the difference between perseverance and giving up.


Make time for practice

If it takes your child a lot longer to do something independent than it would for you to do it on their behalf, leave enough time for them to do it! Whether it’s an extra ten minutes for them to tie their shoes or brush their hair, giving them the time to do it at their own pace will mean that will eventually be less reliant on you. Your child may surprise you if you step back see how they cope without your constant help and supervision!

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