Fisher Price Puppy ‘n Pals Learning Gym Review

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The Fisher Price Puppy ‘n Pals Learning Gym is a great interactive toy that’s suitable for newborns and up. I’ve always been impressed with Fisher Price baby products, having used them for all four children, so I was keen to try out this new play gym with baby N and see what she thought to it.

This is a full sized play gym with lots of different toys, colours and features for baby to explore and discover and it also comes with a separate interactive Puppy with a puppy pad, which lights up and offers sounds and music so there are lots of different parts, and lots of variety with this baby gym.

The colour scheme of the gym is lovely and bright, and the designs of the toys are really cute. I particularly like the little cloud and the kite rattle, and there’s also a sunshine mirror that can be attached at the sides – which is always a winner with my babies. When Z was a baby, having a mirror in front of him really encouraged him in his tummy time, and N is enjoying looking at her self in the mirror too.

There are lots of loops on the gym, and each toy comes with a plastic link, so you can swap them around and position them however you like within the baby gym. You can also take them off and let baby play with them separately, and then bring them back as needed.

Baby N has so far not always been so keen on lying on her back to play, as she has some mild reflux, but as she gets a little bigger she’s starting to get a bit happier with this and with this Fisher Price Puppy ‘n Pals Learning Gym there is so much to look at that I’ve found she does get interested and has been happy to lie down and bat for the toys – which I was really pleased to see! This type of play helps their development, like their hand eye coordination, and their visual development, so I have been encouraging her with this.

The Puppy Pad is something that really makes this gym stand out from others, as this is separate from the gym and will continue to be an interesting toy for babies once they can sit up and press the buttons themselves.

The puppy has a light up nose, and two modes for sounds and music. Look & Listen offers 20+ minutes of continuous music, including sung songs and instrumentals and Explore & Discover introduces action and reaction, where you press the three coloured sections on the pad to activate different phrases and sounds.

If I place the pad near N’s feet she can actually activate these by kicking, but I think this mode will come into its own once she’s playing with the puppy sitting up, and I mostly keep it on the longer music mode for her at the moment.

The songs it plays are very jolly and quite catchy! What I really liked with the songs and sounds is that they link in to what baby can see on the mat and hanging toys, so it mentions the clouds, the kite, the purple monkey, the crinkly letter and more, so you can point things out to baby as they listen, and help them to learn.

The Fisher Price Puppy ‘n Pals Learning Gym is available online and in stores, including at Argos who currently have it available for 44.99

I would recommend this gym, especially with the longevity of the design and the removable puppy toy, as we all know how quickly babies grow up! Once baby is sitting up, you can take the top bars off the play gym and still use the colourful play mat to sit on too. So rather than being used for just a few months, you should be able to use this for over a year really, as a colourful mat to sit and play on comes in handy well into the toddler days.

We were sent the puppy n pals learning gym in order to review

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