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Originally released between 1950 to 1970, a selection of Fisher Price Classics are back to bring more joy to the children of today. I remember playing with Fisher Price toys as a child and it’s a brand I instinctively trusted when I had my first baby, Mr Z, as it was so familiar to me. Bringing back the classic toys is a great idea. I love to see my kids playing with things I enjoyed as a child and I’m sure many parents feel the same.

fisher price classics range toys

We were sent two toys from the range for review: the Fisher Price Classics Chatter Telephone and the Fisher Price Classics Milk Truck.

The Chatter Telephone is something that the boys have played with before at toddler groups and we are quite familiar with. It’s such a classic toy that I’m sure most children would have come  across them at some stage. This toy is great to help them develop their imaginative play. One of the first types of simple role play my children achieved was always pretending to talk on the phone! It’s something that be used in the most basic way by a 12 month old baby and then grow with them throughout toddlerhood.

fisher price classics chatter telephone

It offers lots of opportunities to practise speech and language, and social skills as the children learn how to mimic a phone conversation with speaking and with leaving gaps for the other person to respond.

The Fisher Price Classics Chatter Telephone also has wheels which immediately appealed to Mr R and Mr T – they love anything on wheels! The Telephone has a pull string at the front so as well as talking on the phone, children can pull it behind them and take it for a little walk! They have had the phone out in our back garden walking it around the paving, and the eyes blink up and down as it walks just like the original chatter telephone.

It also gives opportunities to talk about colours and numbers as these are featured on the telephone dial, so for a preschool age child you could develop the play by giving them colour or number patterns to dial.

fisher price classics chatter telephone


The Milk Truck is a toy which wasn’t familiar to us. I was born in the 80s so perhaps I missed out on this one during my childhood, but when I saw this as part of the Fisher Price Classics range I knew straight away this would be a real hit with Mr T and Mr R. It’s such a cool toy!

fisher price classics milk truck

The Fisher Price Classics Milk Truck is a large plastic wagon with six different coloured milk bottles inside, contained in their own carrier. It’s a pretty simple concept but offers potential for

  • Imaginative play with pretending to drink and hand out the milk to others
  • Sorting and matching the milk bottles to the colours inside the truck
  • Gross motor play as this also has a pull string to walk with the truck
  • Small world play with the milk truck vehicle
  • Learning about numbers as these are labelled inside the truck

Children back in the 50s-70s may have had less toys than nowadays but these classic toys really were great toys and so much benefit can be taken from just the one toy! It’s no wonder they have stood the test of time so well.

fisher price classics milk truck toy

 It really grabbed Mr R’s attention straight away and held his attention for a long time. He has been loving to play with this with me or on his own. He likes to give out the milk, pretend to drink them, line them all up and then put them back in for the milk truck driver to go and deliver. Mr R does have delays in his speech and understanding so when I find a toy that works so well in keeping his joint attention with me that makes me really happy, because that interest gives me a great opportunity to work on language with him. For some reason taking things in and out of vehicles is so motivating to my kids! Mr T’s speech therapist often uses something similar with him when he is working on his speech sounds. These type of toys are so versatile in the ways that you can use them.

fisher price classics milk wagon

 The Fisher Price Classics toys are pretty solidly made, just like the original Fisher Price toys would have been so I can see them lasting really well. The milk bottles are nice and chunky for Mr R to hold.

fisherprice classics range

Here you can see the inside of the Milk Truck with colours and numbers, so there’s lots of potential there for making up different matching games to help support colour and number recognition.

Some other toys in the Fisher Price Classics range include:

Fisher Price Classics Teaching Clock (you can see a review of this here from Red Rose Mummy)

Fisher Price Classics Record Player

Fisher Price Classics Change a Tune Piano

Fisher Price Classics Picture Disk Camera

I would really recommend the range, we think they’re great! My favourite is the Milk Truck but both toys are brilliant as I’m sure the rest of the range would be too.

These toys are distributed by Esdevium games and are available from Amazon among other retailers.

*Affiliate links are used. Thanks to Esdevium Games for the toys.

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  1. I’m not often jealous at other people’s reviews but I have huge green eyes at those toys! Fisher Price classics remind me of my childhood, so lovely and retro. I love things that I can pass down to my children that I also experienced as a child and I love these! Great photos, lovely review x
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