I was given the chance to select some F&F clothing for Mothers Day, for the children and for me. F&F have some lovely things at great prices, so I was easily able to get an outfit for each of the boys and something for myself all within our £50 budget. I thought about getting some casual but stylish clothes which would be ideal for us to wear when going out for lunch on Mothers Day. We tend to go to quite relaxed family friendly places, so smart-casual combat trousers and a top or polo shirt with a fun design works well for the kids.


Here’s what I chose




Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 21.00.07

F&F Space Print Polo Shirt

The robot t-shirt is for Mr Z. The maths t-shirt is for Mr T and the space polo is for Mr R.  I got them each a pair of the combat trousers. You can click through above to go to the product pages if you would like further details on any item.

I couldn’t forget to choose something for myself too! I got this butterfly print scarf 

I use a lot of scarves from regular high street shops as hijab, it works well and this scarf from F&F has some lovely sparkly details on it. I’m sure I will wear it a lot!Do you buy clothes from F&F? If you have had any good bargains from there recently why not let me know in the comments