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If your kids have a playroom you will know that it will not take long before it needs redecorating. Usually, a room like this gets well used. So the walls, skirting board and flooring soon start to look scruffy. Fortunately, as you will see, fixing these issues need not take you long or cost much.

Fixing the skirting boards

In some cases, you can sort out the skirting boards by painting them. But, sometimes replacing them is the best approach. This is especially the case if they are warped, dented or are coming away from the walls. In this situation, it is usually best to visit the website of this skirting board retailer and order something suitable.

Installing new skirting boards will normally only take you a few hours to do. Most people already own all of the tools they need to get the job done.

Redecorate using wall stickers

Wall stickers are a fast and easy way to give a room a new look. Once the wall is clean and dry they take minutes to put up. We are certainly fans of wall stickers. My boys loved getting involved with applying the last batch we got.

Ordering the type that can easily be re-positioned is a good idea. This makes the application process a lot less stressful. Also make sure that you buy the type that is designed to be removed and replaced a few years down the line. As kids get older you will want to be able to change the theme of the room to reflect their changing tastes.

Upgrading the flooring

In a kid’s playroom, the flooring can wear out really fast. If yours needs replacing I suggest that you consider using laminate flooring. It goes down really quick, is easy to keep clean and looks great. But, you do need to be a bit careful when choosing which type you lay. It has to be reasonably hard wearing. It is also a good idea to buy the non-slip, water-resistant type.

Install more storage

Storage is an important element of any playroom. If you want your kids to keep the room reasonably tidy, you need to have a place for everything.

As they get older the type of toys they own and use is going to change. So, it is important to upgrade and adapt the storage accordingly.  

Before doing this, spend half an hour going online and checking out what other parents are doing to ensure that their kids have what they need to be able to safely stow all of their toys and gear.

Add a desk or work table

A lot of parents forget to include a work table in their first playroom design. This is understandable because they normally create this space when their children are at the crawling stage. When they are as young as this, they play on the floor. So, a desk or work table is not needed. However, a year or so later, when children start painting, drawing and enjoying crafts a desk or table is an excellent addition to a playroom.

As you can see keeping a child’s playroom up to date is not hard. Doing so will ensure that the room continues to be somewhere that your children want to spend time as they grow and change.


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