Family Moments with Netflix

I recently shared about our families Netflix usage over the Summer. It’s such a handy thing for us and gets used equally by the adults and children, to provide our entertainment or our relaxation time.

We’ve been away at my parents house this bank holiday weekend and Netflix comes in so handy to help the kids wind down and relax after all the busy days they have spent running around in the garden or out at the seaside. The children do settle in well staying with family, but Mr R being the youngest one sometimes needs some reassurance. He’s mad about Thomas so being able to select his familiar and favourite Thomas & Friends episodes from Netflix has been great to help him settle down and relax. I also love to see Mr Z and Mr T using their negotiation skills with each other while they settle on a joint decision of what to watch.

After the kids are in bed we all relax and sit together scrolling through the recommendations of Netflix and sharing our thoughts about the shows we have watched before settling on something to watch all together. I’ve got some new suggestions from my Mum and Dad this weekend about shows to try (The Shield and The Killing) luckily they are mostly in to the same type of shows and movies as us so I can trust their recommendations!

Spending time watching together is a great way to unite all the family. I’ll be looking forward to lots more nights in watching Netflix with my sister this Autumn and winter as she’s just moved back to London so  I’m sure she will be round often on a Saturday night ready to watch our old favourites. We love to go for the classics like Clueless or 10 Things I hate About You which we’ve seen so many times, but that way we can chat and giggle through half the movie and we still know what’s going on!

Here’s a short video from our weekend, with three generations of the family sharing their thoughts about Netflix:

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