Exploring the new LeapStart 3D

We’ve always enjoyed using LeapFrog products with the kids. They offer such a great balance between education and fun, allowing them to learn while still being engaged and entertained.

Over the summer holidays, we went along to Kidzania in Westfield to find out more about the new LeapStart 3D. The LeapStart 3D is an exciting update to the award winning LeapStart system, which makes the product even cooler. The new LeapStart 3D has an in built hologram which is really different to anything we’ve seen on other toys, and adds an extra wow factor to the LeapStart.

At Kidzania, a giant version of the LeapStart hologram was set up to give us an even better look. The hologram works by reflecting a little screen up onto the mirror that pops out above the LeapStart, giving a cool effect.

We’ve since been enjoying playing with our own LeapStart 3D at home and the hologram is definitely a really nice addition to the system, which appeals to all of the kids. It’s very interactive, as the images that appear within the hologram move, talk and sing rather than just being a static projection.



LeapStart is a really versatile system. There are over 25 books available, each one working with the interactive pen that’s built into the LeapStart. When you touch different parts of the page, the book will talk and tell you about the topic – whether it’s numbers, ABC, or helping kids learn to read.

To get the sound content for each book, you just use your LeapFrog connect app in the same way as you would for any LeapFrog product such as LeapPads or LeapReader if you’ve used any of those in the past. If not – it’s still pretty quick, you just need to register for a LeapFrog parent account, and connect your LeapStart to your computer via usb wire which comes included.

Depending on the books you load onto your LeapStart, the system can be suitable for older or younger children. The content is aimed primarily at ages 2-7 so my boys had fun with some of the older maths books and N has started out with the youngest content, and I can keep adding more books for her as she advances.

When you buy the LeapStart 3D system, you get the Let’s Play sampler book included and the others can be purchased separately. We were sent the Scout and Friends Level 1 Maths for N to try out too.

There are also activities built in to the front and back pages of the LeapStart – one page which teaches numbers, and another with an aliens activity. On all pages, you have a green star to press for an activity, then the two stars for a harder activity, the light bulb for a hint and a red hand to stop the game. This is the same in all books, so children can easily get the hang of using the system.

There are also books with popular characters like PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and Trolls, as well as the well loved LeapFrog character Scout.

Overall we really liked the LeapStart 3D system as it is really easy to use, versatile and can grow with your child. It is also lots of fun! The system snaps shut for easy storing, and even has a carrying handle. The pen is attached by a little wire so it can’t get lost. The system has clearly been really well thought out and designed to make it user friendly for children.

You can get the LeapStart system in either pink or green. We got the pink for N, and I’m really looking forward to trying out more of the LeapStart library with her as she grows older.

Visit the LeapStart website to find out more about LeapStart 3D

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