Eggnogg Christmas Colouring

We’ve been sharing lots of colouring sheets and ideas recently, and if you want even more colouring fun you can’t go wrong with Eggnogg products. These will be ideal for keeping children entertained as the school Christmas holidays begin, or as a stocking filler to keep them busy after waking up super early on Christmas morning!



My kids have been busy trying out these Christmassy products from Eggnogg:

See the whole Christmas range from Eggnogg here

IMG_2054There is lots and lots of colouring within these products, so they will keep them occupied for hours. You can see the boys colouring the paper Christmas tree above. It took a few sessions to get the whole tree coloured and decorated since it’s really big! It’s great that the large size meant they could all work on it together, colouring in different sections. I did join in with them too, I can’t resist a bit of colouring in! So it made a lovely whole family activity over a few days after school.


Once you’ve finished colouring the whole tree, you need to cut and fold it to make the tree shape. This will be difficult for children so requires adult help, and it will become a 3d tree like this

3D02-Christmas-tree-copy-2-493x564The colouring postcards and gift tags are great for adding the personal touch to cards and gifts for friends and relatives or teachers. The boys will be colouring a few more gift tags this evening to add to their teacher presents for the last day of school tomorrow.

There are lots of fun designs in each pack from reindeers, to robins and more and if you look through, you can find tags and cards to match up to make a good set together.



They are great quality products to add some creativity and colouring fun to your Christmas!

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