Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids

easy valentines crafts

The kids always enjoy doing craft activities at home with me, and it was perfect timing for Valentines crafts when we received our supplies from the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network. We have spent a couple of evenings this week making these crafts after school.

easy valentines crafts

We were sent the above supplies for our craft challenge this month, but I also included some of our own and we used them to make some easy Valentines crafts.

First we decided to work with the twine heart and I had the idea of getting the boys to weave pipe cleaners through the gaps in the twine to add a splash of colour and also to work on their fine motor skills as they wove them through. It’s quite fiddly so it will take some concentration for little ones and they did need some help, but they enjoyed it.

easy valentines crafts - fine motor threading

Mr Z concentrating on pushing the pipe cleaners through the right place:

easy valentines crafts - fine motor threading

Mr T was very pleased with their work!

easy valentines crafts - fine motor threading

Once the heart was fully threaded, we decided to decorate it with lots of sparkly things! We used the Bostik all purpose glue and squeezed it over the heart, then just sprinkled everything on top!

easy valentines crafts hearts

Next we decided to make some Valentines cards. This was also pretty simple and straight forward so it was great for the boys to fill the time while waiting for dinner to cook! We cut some heart shapes out of the red card and red glittery felt and then used the Bostik foam pads to stick them on to the card.

easy valentines crafts materials

Mr Z was able to do all of this himself, and he had his own ideas about how he wanted his card to look, with a layered effect. He started with a larger heart then stuck the medium, and then smallest on top.

making valentines cards

His finished card:

making valentines cards

The rose you can see above is also made using the Bostik foam pads. We cut a strip of red card, folded in a little and then fastened that with one of the foam pads.

red card

We then folded it round and round to make a rose shape – sticking it again half way through with another foam pad. We then used a green pipe cleaner to make the stem. It’s really easy and you could make a few in different colours.

easy valentines crafts making a rose

What do you think? Have you been doing some Valentines crafts with your kids too? Share your ideas in the comments.

This post is part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network and we received a pack of craft supplies to enable us to take part.


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  1. Love these ideas, especially the rose, it looks so easy. I think me & the boy will be giving these a go for daddy and Nana (and maybe they will do one for me) 🙂

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