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Fresh from those brilliantly creative minds at Drumond Park comes the ultra-competitive, totally riveting LOGO Grab – a raucous, turbo charged game of ‘roll, spot and grab’, where everyone plays at once!  The third unique gameplay concept in the UK’s Number One Best Selling LOGO Series, this game of eagle-eyed dexterity is quick to set up and easy to master.

Ideal for 2-4 players aged 8 to adult, LOGO Grab features many big name brands… from Pot Noodle, Ambrosia, Rice Krispies and Milkybar to Marmite, After Eight, Jammie Dodgers and Rolo – with a host of well-known car, grocery and household brands in between!

Drumond Park Logo Grab

Up and Running in Moments

This is a gripping rollercoaster of a game that’s a snip at just £14.99 (rrp).  You simply ‘roll, spot and grab’ – and the result is hours and hours of hilarious shrieking, grabbing fun.

The objective is to be the first to collect two sets of three coloured brand cards.  To start, players simply deal and lay out a 3 x 3 grid of shuffled LOGO cards, face up.  They then take it in turns to take four of the eight ‘letter dice’ out of the bag and roll them onto the playing table.

At this point everyone goes into brain-churning top gear, all striving to match any of the letters on the dice with the first letter of one of the brand names displayed on the cards.  As soon as someone makes the connection, they shout out the brand name, make a grab for that particular dice… and PICK IT UP.

Logo Grab game

Now comes the crunch time!  

You’ve grabbed the dice, but does it jingle?  The player shakes the dice, and if it is silent, he or she gets to keep the LOGO card they spotted…  But if the bell inside the dice rings out – the player loses a card!

Only two of the eight dice have bells inside – but it’s simply shocking how often they seem to pop up!

The first player to collect two sets of three coloured cards is the undisputed LOGO Grab winner.  Then it’s straight onto another round… this game gets everyone going and is highly addictive!

The brand new LOGO Grab joins an inspiring array of much loved, hugely popular children’s and family games, created in-house by the ingenious creative team at Drumond Park Games – who simply live and breathe family games.

Year on year they come up with yet more fresh and innovative games… And once again, with LOGO Grab, they’ve created another high energy, winning formula.  This is a game that’s set to become another hugely popular choice with families and friends of all ages!

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  1. This would be a family game for home, but looks good and small enough to take on holiday and round to other family, looks a great Christmas get together game x

  2. We would all play it on a No-TV day over the Christmas period, as we all love playing games, and we love being together whenever we can to celebrate Christmas, and each other being there every year!

  3. its a family tradition that we all gather round the table after christmas dinner and play a game together so this would be perfect for our family christmas day at home!! 🙂


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