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Good morning In the Playroom Readers! My name is Marlene and I run the fashion and lifestyle blog, Life with Mar, which helps modern moms feel stylish with simple tips and everyday outfit ideas.  

 I’m not a huge DIY person, but when I came across this nursery star mobile for my son’s nursery, I just HAD to have it! 

 The price tag, however, turned me off. And I quickly realized this was an easy enough project I could tackle myself!  

 If I can do this project, anyone can. Not only is it affordable, it’s nice to have something homemade for baby to display in the nursery. Here’s how to make your very own DIY nursery star mobile. 


What you need: 

  • Star Punch. You can also do butterflies, airplanes or any shape you like! 
  • Cardstock. You can get cardstock at Michael’s for as little as .49 a sheet. I picked three colors: blue, white and a glitter silver for a bit of shimmer. 
  • Yarn 
  • Zots 
  • Embroidery Hoop  
  • Ribbon 
  • Ceiling hook 
  • Your favorite Netflix show to binge watch in the background. 
  • Optional: Swarovski crystals. I just had to. And let me just say, when the light catches them they shimmer and the baby just loooooooves it. 


How to Assemble: 

  •  Cut the yarn in varying lengths and tie each around the embroidery hoop. 
  •  Start on the hoop trim. I simply took ribbon, cut and made simple knots all the way around until the hoop was completely covered.  
  •  Punch out your stars or whatever shape you chose.  
  •  Using one zot, adhere two stars of the same color together on top of the yarn. You could also try a glue stick, but I personally found it easier with Zots.  
  •  If you are adding crystals, simply make a knot and thread a crystal through. Alternate stars and crystals however you want! 
  •  Repeat a lot, then sit back and marvel at your awesome creation! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy DIY nursery star mobile. Would you attempt this project yourself? Leave a comment below showing off your creation!  

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 Marlene Srdic is the Arizona fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Life with Mar where she seeks to inspire modern mamas and help them feel stylish with simple solutions and every day outfit ideas. She is also a magazine editor, wife and mama to two kiddos under 4 and firmly believes a glass of Champagne can cure just about any ail. 

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