DIY Fabric Crayon Pot

Mr Z always enjoys getting crafty and he was keen to try making his own fabric crayon pot. This was a simple craft. It took about an hour but we were working at a slow and leisurely pace! Once it’s finished it’s a very functional and handy pen or crayon pot that can be used from day to day.

Simple DIY fabric crayon pot or pen holder

You will need:

  • A cardboard pot or tube. Ours came with a bottom, if using kitchen roll or other open ended tubes, you will need to firmly attach some cardboard for the bottom.
  • Fabric in as many patterns and designs as you like. We used two for a striped effect.
  • Fabric glue. We used Bostik Sew Simple (aff link)
  • Foam stickers to decorate.

Fabric strips and Bostik sew simple fabric adhesive glue

How to make your DIY fabric crayon pot

First we chose our fabrics, and then cut them into strips to stripe around the pot, and measured them for size. The apple fabric is perfect for September with back to school and apple season! Here Mr Z is checking and measuring the fabric strips by wrapping them around. If you have any that are too long its better to chop them to prevent too much over lapping.

fabric1Next we applied glue to the fabric using the spreader provided with the Bostik Sew Simple fabric adhesive.

applying fabric glueOnce we had fixed together a wide section of fabric to cover the main body of the pot we stuck that on and added narrower strips for the top and bottom. The Bostik Sew Simple glue was very quick drying and held the fabric together very well.

applying fabric to our diy crayon potOnce the whole pot was covered with fabric we let all the glue dry for a few minutes while Mr Z found the letters he needed to spell out the word on his crayon pot. He decided to go for “Crayons” – to make it clear what the pot would be storing!

fabricfoamThese are regular foam stickers in a variety of letters, numbers and shapes. They stick to the fabric well and shouldn’t be likely to fall off.

fabricletterMr Z enjoyed sticking these on and soon his fabric crayon pot was all ready to hold his crayons!

Simple DIY fabric crayon pot craft for back to school - decorated with apples and polka dots!


Perfect for back to school season!

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