Different ways that you can ethically repurpose your baby girl clothes.

Babies grow so quickly, sometimes it feels like all you do is buy clothes. If you have a daughter you know there are many irresistible cute and affordable clothes out there. It’s your right to spoil her with them, she’s only a baby once after all. But, what to do with those bags of baby girl clothes when they no longer fit? Do you feel the weighty guilt of throwing away items? Then I have you covered with the top five ideas for repurposing baby clothes.


First things first, don’t be so quick to throw things away. Make sure you keep the important pieces, like those tiny first shoes. Or the soft vest you brought your bouncing bundle home from the hospital in. Some things are important to cherish, then you can show your baby girl clothes off to your daughter when she’s all grown up in the future. You can also make keepsakes by cutting out squares of your baby’s clothing. Then sew them together to create a personal blanket that they can snuggle up in. Optionally you can hang it on the wall like a tapestry to decorate their room. 


We’re re-purposing here so that we can make the most out of our outgrown baby girl clothes. Ensure that you’ve got the most possible use out of them before using them for something else. You can do this easily, especially with babygrows that have feet on them. It might sound cruel but I assure you the babygrow won’t feel a thing. Just snip the feet off and you’ll get months of extra wear out of your favorite babygrows. 


So you can make blankets from your old baby girl clothes, but if you love crafting? You can get really creative with all of those adorable patterns printed on cute fabrics. Make your daughter some handmade stuffed toys filled with love. It’s as simple as finding a pattern online and buying some stuffing, there are hundreds of designs to choose from and many are beginner-friendly. She’s sure to appreciate it, especially the different sensory feel of fabrics if you use a choice.


So many baby girl clothes are soft materials. Soft enough that you can repurpose them into baby flannels or cloths. Babies are notorious for making messes of themselves, so cut up your old outgrown baby clothes and fold them into a wet-wipe tub for easy access. You can even keep them moist with some baby lotion. If you keep it to hand you can quickly wipe down your baby after mealtime and playtimes.It will save you money in the long run as you won’t need to buy so many disposable wet-wipes. Plus these are reusable which makes them eco-friendly. Stuff soiled cloths into a pillowcase and wash with your laundry.


Have you already exhausted this list of repurposing baby girl clothes? Then why not let someone else give a new purpose to your old baby clothes? There are baby banks and charities that will happily find your baby clothes a new home. Or maybe you have a friend or family member who is expecting? Many baby clothes might stipulate a gender but actually are universal. Set up a gift box and fold up some of your favorites to give to family or friends. Sharing is caring.

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