Design A Family-Friendly Bathroom Children Can Use for Home Learning

The average bathroom renovation cost ranges from £1,400 to £6,000 across the UK, according to We all escape to the bathroom to enjoy some self-care. If you have young kids, however, the bathroom will be more than a space to relax. Kids bath time creates room for reconnecting with your child and exploring their learning abilities.

Incorporating bath games with Tomy Poppin’ Penguin Island, for instance, assists your child in gaining different skills like color matching, counting, and identifying numbers. Adding kid-friendly design elements in your family bathroom can also help improve your child’s cognitive and coordination skills.

Use Color but Maintain Cohesive Style 

A general rule when creating a family-friendly washroom is to incorporate colors that don’t interfere with style. You want your bathroom to be exciting and practical for the kids and relaxing for adults. Consider adding a splash of color on the walls behind plumbing fixtures. You may paint sinks and cabinets with bright shades if your bathroom is in pale hues like gray or white. Also, choose accessories with bright colors to add personality in the room. Using color-coded towels, for example, will help children recognize colors .

Install Non-slip Floor Tiles

Young children can be messy when using the bathroom. They will splash water everywhere when taking a bath, increasing the risk of slipping and falling. You can avoid accidents in the bathroom by choosing wood-like non-slip floor tiles. There are many reasons why wood effect floor tiles are ideal for bathrooms. Wooden floor tiles help you achieve a calm and luxury bathroom design without compromising functionality. They also help prevent accidents because of the non-slip texture.

Like most tiling options, wood effect floor tiles come with a variety of colors and patterns. During bath time, you can teach your toddlers and preschoolers about shapes and patterns by pointing out floor tiles around the tub or shower area. This trick helps kids remember a specific design or shape when they see it.

Embrace Bath Toys

Teaching math concepts in the bathtub helps toddlers and preschoolers learn how to count, compare, contrast and identify colors. For you to achieve the best results, you need to incorporate bath toys in the bathroom. Add a separate shelf for holding toys with different colors, shapes, and sizes. Using a variety of toys when kids are in the tub helps them explore, find, count, and compare patterns and colors. Also, consider buying accessory sets like toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and dispensers designed with various animal prints, shapes, and brilliant shades.

Adding fun décor elements like colorful bath rugs helps improve kids’ memory. Think of shag-textured bath mats, with vibrant colors like blue, red, purple, orange, and bright green. Your bath mats should also have fun shapes like rectangles, circles, squares, or rectangles. That way, you can ask kids to step on a specific color when getting in and out of the tub to help them identify shapes and colors.

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