Denim Fit Guide: How to Choose The Right Jeans

It’s not always easy to work out the best style of jeans to suit your shape. Especially if you’ve changed shape or size after having a baby, or maybe you’ve got into a rut with your jeans of choice meanwhile the popular styles have moved on? I’ve been guilty of this on occasion.

It’s always good to try something new, so SimplyBe have put together this handy guide to help spell out the different options in the world of denim.

Jeans Fit Guide

Jeans Fit Guide at

The first thing to look at is the different styles of jeans, including jeggings, skinny, boyfriend, straight, bootcut or slim. Each of these suit different body types and different occasions, and will match well with different outfits or shoes to create a different look so its worth having a variety of different styles within your wardrobe.

For day to day I tend to find bootcut jeans are a great staple wardrobe essential,for example on the school run and my typical mum errands (and you can get away with putting them with comfier shoes!) Then skinny jeans could be paired with nicer shoes and a stylish top to look a bit smarter if meeting friends or going out for lunch etc.

The rise of your jeans can equally make a big impact on how your denim wear looks and feels. I had always tended to wear lower rise jeans when I was younger but then I decided to give high rise a try and now tend to prefer those, so it’s always worth trying something other than your usual cut and fit.

I would agree with Simply Be’s tips to try lots of styles and experiment. You could always send back the jeans which don’t look flattering so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying something new. Asking friends for advice and opinions can be a good plan too – if your friends will be honest with you! And they may have new ideas for styles or clothes to try which you hadn’t thought of.

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