DC Super Friends Dominoes Game

If your little ones are super hero mad like mine, they’re likely to enjoy this DC Super Friends dominoes game from Jumbo featuring lots of their favourite DC comics characters.
DC Super Friends Dominoes game

Dominoes is a simple but fun traditional game that’s easy for young children to understand and gives great practice in turn taking. It’s ideal for my younger two boys who are 4 and 5 years old.

The box includes 28 cards which you must push out from the cardboard backing before play. The characters included are a mixture of heroes like Batman, Robin, Super-Man, The Flash and villains like Penguin, Joker and Riddler.

DC Super Friends Dominoes Game

To play the game, children must match up the same character from one of their cards onto the dominoes that have already been played. You can complete a game in 10 minutes, so it’s a quick and simple one for when you have a few minutes to spare and want to squeeze in a quick game with the kids, and it’s also easy enough for them to play together by themselves.


The cards are strong and sturdy so should last well, and withstand plenty of play and wear and tear and the box is fairly small so this game doesn’t take up too much space on the shelves either. It’s definitely a handy one to have and the DC Super Friends theme of this one grabs my boys attention a lot more than a plain dominoes game would.


The DC Super Friends Dominoes game is available from toy shops including Amazon* for £5.99 – If you’re thinking forward towards Christmas this game would make a really good stocking filler present.

For more information on other Jumbo products, take a look at their website at Jumbo.eu – They also have puzzles featuring the DC Super Friends characters.

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