Dads Who Never Need to Grow Up

With research findings showing the significant shift in the role of men in parenting, Hot Wheels celebrates the important part dads play in their children’s lives this Father’s Day.

As the definition of family changes amongst millennial parents, dads are now playing a more important role than ever in the upbringing of their children, and what better time than Father’s Day to celebrate Dad’s connection with their children and champion the value of playing together.


The new study reveals:

  • Aspirational role. Dads want to make a positive impact on their children’s lives more than ever before.
  • Value of quality ‘dad’ time. Dads are spending more and more time with their children.
  • Balancing responsibilities. Dads believe the responsibilities are split evenly in the household (but mums still see this differently!)
  • Childhood memories.  Dads are more likely than mums to choose toys that remind them of their childhood or that can help build a connection with their child.

Hotwheels campaign dedicated to ‘Dads Who Never Need to Grow Up’ includes a video that delves into children’s perceptions of dads and reveals that modern-day dads do know who to have fun and have the ‘cool’ factor that makes them fun to play with. Growing up with hotwheels may even start you into the hobby of collecting Vintage Diecast Cars!

Watch the video here:

Hot Wheels Track Builder System offers the ultimate track experience allowing kids to design, create & customize their very own track challenge creating their own stories and adventures and expand their worlds through Hot Wheels – if boys can dream it, they can build!

We’ve tried out Hot Wheels Track Builder products, and these were a big hit with my boys and their dad. It’s great to have a toy which appeals to all of them and allows them to build and play together. Hot Wheels is a really timeless toy that appeals well across the generations, and with the Track Builder system it can be scaled up for Dad and his children to make a huge project together.

IMG_6375With the Track Builder Spiral Stack Up, the track set can be built and rebuilt in every direction, horizontally or vertically, for a truly customising experience every time.

The Spiral Stack Up set is priced at around RRP £20.99 and is suitable for ages 3+. It includes 1 die-cast car and is compatible with all other Hot Wheels cars.

My boys and their dad love to make videos of the Hot Wheels cars together, as they go round the track. You can see one of these here on our Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway post.

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