Customisable Cinematic Lightbox from Design55

Cinematic lightboxes seem to be really popular at the moment. I had seen a few on Instagram, and always liked the look of them, and how well they adapt to different styles. We were sent a black and white customisable cinematic light box from Design55 and it is great!

customisable cinematic light box

The cinematic lightbox is a small light box (Height 22.2cm x Width 30cm x Depth 5cm) that’s split into three rows, and comes with a selection of letters, numbers and characters that you can use to customise it with letters. The letters are made of transparent plastic, and just slot in along each row.

When switched on, the light box gives a glow to the letters and provides a nice atmospheric effect. You have the option to power the light box by batteries (it takes 6x AA batteries) or by plugging in an adapter, depending whether you have a plug socket nearby.

It’s easily switched on and off via the button at the side and couldn’t be simpler to use.

controls for customisable cinematic light box

With the light box, you’ll be given plenty of letters and numbers (At least 2 of each letter, sometimes more with popular ones) which should be enough to write most of the phrases that you want. If not, you could always buy more letters separately if needed.

The only improvement I would note is that there isn’t anywhere to store the letters within the box itself (as far as I can see) so we had to use a separate box of our own to store them, which isn’t a big issue as we had a box that’s just right for them anyway.

letters for customisable cinematic light box

The light box is not a toy, it’s a home decoration item, so it’s not recommended to let young children play around with it. The edges and corners of the letters can be a little bit sharp, so it makes sense to keep them for the adults to change, although the light box does appeal to children too as mine are quite interested in it and like the look of it!

customisable cinematic light box

With this light box, I really like how it’s totally customisable so you can put any kind of message that fits with your family. A lot of the word art that you can buy in shops is quite generic, as it has to appeal to everyone, but this one can accommodate any word and be more meaningful to your own family.

In the top picture, we’ve displayed some family names and in the picture just above we put an Arabic phrase which reminds us to feel gratitude throughout the day. You could also put special dates, like birthday or anniversary, or a message to display on the table at a party or gathering – the choices are endless as long as it fits within the three lines. You can fit about 9-10 letters on each line.

When the light is switched off, the light box still displays the message just without the full glow effect. It still looks nice though, which is good to know as you might not want to keep the batteries on all the time, to save power.

customisable cinematic light box

As well as the black and white version, you can also choose to have coloured letters through Design 55. I like both versions. The black and white goes very well with our room but the coloured style is fun too!

The cinematic light box is currently available for £29.99 via the Design55 website. 

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