Cry Babies Doll Review

Cry Babies from IMC are a new range of cute and loveable dolls who cry real tears, complete with sound effects and real water – until you give them a dummy and a cuddle to stop them from crying.

Cry Babies dolls comes in several fun varieties, with the newest additions being Dotty (with a dalmation onesie), Nala (with a tiger onesie) and Lady (with a ladybird onesie)

We were sent the Dotty cry babies doll and have been trying it out with our youngest, N.

N is one and a half years old, and has been interested in dolls for the past few months. She was interested in Dotty straight away, and was drawn in by the big eyes, and the dummy which she enjoys putting in and out to see Dotty cry and then stop.

The crying sound effect is very realistic! It really does sound like a crying baby, so N was intrigued by it and for older children playing more in depth make believe, it does add an element of realism to their play.

There is a speaker on Dotty’s chest where the sound comes from, underneath the Onesie which is remove-able if you want to switch and change between two Cry Babies dolls. If you open up the onesie at the back, you will also see where to add the batteries (they come included when you first take out of the box) and to switch the doll on or off.

To add the water, there is a screw top in the back of Dotty’s head which you open and then fill up with water. There’s also a button which you can press if you want the tears to come out faster.

I filled our Cry Babies with filtered water, just to help protect against any limescale and also would recommend emptying all the water out after you finish playing, and adding fresh water each time to prevent any of the parts inside from becoming mouldy.

Cry Babies dolls are a good size, and very manageable for toddlers to carry around. The doll is made of plastic, with fully moveable arms and legs, and the dummy is securely attached on the string so there’s no worry about it getting lost.

The newest Cry Babies to the collection, Dotty, Nala and Lady, are available for around RRP £29.99 from all good toy stores including Amazon.

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