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Simbrix is a new craft toy which is suitable for ages 5+, and offers a good mix of construction, and creativity. It’s also really good fine motor practice! My older boys, age 6 and 7, and I have really enjoyed playing with our Simbrix, and our 4 year old was able to give it a good try too.

Simbrix are small plastic blocks with 2 inward and 2 outward edges per piece, which allow you to slot them together like puzzle pieces to create any shape you like.


We were sent a set of Simbrix which came with 3 packets of Simbrix inside in 17 different colours, along with a cotton bag to store all of the pieces in after you’re finished playing.



Simbrix is a pretty open ended toy, you can make anything – your imagination is the only limit! I always enjoy this type of toys as the play is different each time you come back to it, and it gets kids thinking up all kinds of ideas.

We made some basic designs like flowers, trees, suns and snowflakes and also used the pieces to spell out letters and words.


If you need more inspiration, there are also sheets included in the pack which show you how to make lots of different designs, including superheroes, Pokemon and other TV and video game characters, which my boys love.


They were very keen to get building their own Pokemon and Mario designs!



To follow one of the designs on the sheet and create your own character, it takes about half an hour, depending on the design you choose. I was really happy with how long my 6 year old sat and played with this toy. He was really gripped and concentrated very well with the Simbrix without getting bored or wandering off, so I’ll definitely be getting these out quite often as a good quiet time activity to keep them entertained. I found the Simbrix fun to play with myself too! So it’s a nice way for all the family to spend some time playing together, as this type of toys spans all ages!


Simbrix can be likened to Hama beads, but unlike Hama beads, you don’t need any board for these and they will stay together even without ironing – although you can iron to make your design more permanent if you wish. I felt that Simbrix is easier for little hands to handle than the Hama beads or Pony beads, and is a little bit less fiddly so my kids found these less frustrating.

A tip we found handy is to play with the Simbrix on a tray, that way it’s less likely for any pieces to fall on the floor or get lost while you’re playing, and it makes it easy to relocate your Simbrix session if for eg your child is building at the kitchen table and then you need to cook dinner!

With Simbrix, we found you can still pick the designs up easily without ironing, and we decided not to iron ours so that we can disassemble and then play with the bricks again and again. If you do want to iron your creations, you can always replenish your supply with some extra Simbrix as you can buy bags of single colours for 2.49 each, or 2.99 for glow in the dark.

You can order Simbrix on the Simbrix website, and can also check the site for more inspiration on what to make.


We were sent the Simbrix set in order to review

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