Creating a Relaxed Environment in the Home

Creating a relaxed environment in the home is not always easy with several young children running around but I believe it really helps to make thing run more smoothly for the whole family.

Creating a relaxed environment in the homeIt’s not only children who can suffer from sensory overload. When you see excess clutter around the house, toys spread around the living room, and have children all talking at once and all sorts of other distractions then it’s easy to become stressed and snappy. I know I feel much happier and am a more relaxed parent to the children when everything is in order, clean and less cluttered.

As well as the basic cleaning and organising, I like to add a couple of extra features to create a relaxing environment in our home. One of these is using reed diffusers to fragrance the home. With young children, I wouldn’t be able to relax with candles burning (in case of accidents) so reed diffusers are a great alternative. Recently I tried a couple of varieties from House of Fraser: Pied a Terre Rose Blossom and Cassis and White cedar and musk

house of fraser white cedar and musk fragranceThese lasted really well and gave a good scent to the house, unlike some other brands where the fragrance hasn’t been strong enough to notice.

Other strategies I use to create a relaxed environment in the home is to limit TV time. I can’t stand the constant background noise of the TV so I have to ask the children to turn off the TV and any consoles and have some quiet play time. Of course that is more beneficial for them too, and gives them more opportunity to develop their play skills and imaginations together.

I also try to clear out our unwanted things regularly to make space and prevent clutter building up, but this is something I’m still working on. I really need to be more ruthless with the clutter as slightly more minimalist home is a lot more relaxing. Luckily we do have good storage for the children to keep all their things.

To keep a peaceful environment in the house where the children are calm and relaxed and everything runs smoothly, I try to stick to the ideas mentioned in this post on having a peaceful life with preschoolers which tends to help.

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