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As December is almost coming to an end, and the big day is almost here.. you might be getting ready to throw your advent calendar packaging in the bin, but wait! If you have a LEGO advent calendar, why not get busy with some of these craft ideas instead?

We were sent the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar, which is one of the sustainable LEGO advent calendars this year. The other themes being LEGO City and LEGO Friends.

Like in previous year, the calendars contain a small LEGO model in each of the 24 compartments of the tray, for each day leading up to Christmas from December 1st, But using smaller boxes (reduced by 14% since 2013) has so far saved approximately 10.000 truckloads, over 20.000 tonnes of cardboard, and CO2 emissions by 35.000 tonnes. The trays and boxes consist of 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, and can be recycled along with the box. The paper pulp tray is being phased in during 2017 and be available in approximately 60% of advent calendars. 

At a time of year when so much packaging is being used and thrown away, it’s great to hear of LEGO taking these steps to be more sustainable!

LEGO have put together some crafty ideas for your empty advent calendar trays, check out the suggestions in this video or come up with your own – the possibilities are endless!

One of my favourites is this cute little penguin.

How to Create a Christmas Penguin from your LEGO Advent Calendar

Step 1: Open your LEGO advent calendar

Step 2: Take out the sustainable tray

Step 3: Cut off cup using a pair of scissors

Step 4: Remove base of cup by cutting around with a pair of scissors

Step 5: Draw a chest shape on one side of the cup using a pencil

Step 6: Take some black paint

Step 7: Paint cup black on all sides, apart from the chest shape you have drawn out.

Step 8: Take some orange felt

Step 9: Draw out a triangle beak and jagged feet

Step 10: Cut out the beak and feet

Step 11: Take some googly eyes and stick on black part of cup on top of white chest

Step 12: Stick on the orange triangular nose just below the eyes

Step 13: Glue on the feet to the inside of the bottom of the cup, so feet stick out.

Step 14: Voila!

What will you make with yours?

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