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There’s something about Peppa Pig that just grabs toddler’s attention. Without N even having seen Peppa on TV, she quickly managed to develop a real interest in the little pink pig just from some of the Peppa Pig toys and books she’d come across – so much so that her first sentence was “Where Peppa Pig?”!

We were sent the new Count with Peppa Interactive Money Box toy for review, and of course once she saw it she was attracted to it straight away and very keen to get playing. The great thing about this toy is that as well as being fun with the Peppa theming, it’s also very educational so it’s a great way to get your toddler some practise with their colours and numbers.

Peppa comes with 10 chunky coins, that you can post into her purse at the front. These coins are all different colours, and feature one of the Peppa Pig characters on the front, along with a number, and on the inside of the coin that number will be illustrated so children can count the items shown.

With the illustrations on the inside of the coin, children can practise their one to one correspondence and counting, as well as recognising the numbers. There’s a good variety of pictures used for this. You can also use the coins to practise putting numbers in order, and lots of other games.

Peppa can be switched between two modes – colours or numbers. This is really easy to do from the side of the toy (marked as C or N) and the volume switch is also easily accessible at the back (two volume levels)

When you have turned the mode to colours or numbers, you will hear Peppa Pig’s voice prompting with things like “can you find the number 2” or saying the colour name as you post that coin through the slot into the purse. There are two buttons at the top of the posting slot, which add more sound effects and sing a colours or counting song depending which mode you are in.

The toy is easy for toddler’s to operate, and pretty intuitive. N didn’t need any help realising that you have to post the coins into the slot, and working out how to open the door to get them back out again. The coins are chunky so ideal for younger children to handle, and it’s good practise for her hand eye coordination pushing them through the slot, although she does seem to enjoy spending time putting them in and out of the door at the front too.

She’s also enjoyed stacking up the coins too, and when you’ve finished playing they can all be stored inside the money box meaning they won’t get lost, which is really helpful.

There’s lots to talk about with this toy to help encourage your toddler to learn, with the colours and numbers, and N has enjoyed pointing out all of Peppa Pig’s features and body parts too. It takes so much repetition for little ones to pick up skills like counting and numbers, so fun and simple ways to work on that at a young age are always a positive to me – especially when it comes with a big smile like this!

This toy is recommended for age 18 months and up (N is 20 months) and is available from shops including Amazon for RRP 19.99


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Peppa Pig Interactive Money Box

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  1. My granddaughter Violet is a massive Peppa Pig fan and this Peppa Pig Money Box would be just the job for her to play and learn!

  2. A great way to learn for little ones with there favourite character. My little girl would learn lots from this, Thanks for the chance x

  3. This toy is great, as it encourages children to recognise numbers, as well as having fun slotting the coins in. My granddaughter would love it.

  4. My eldest daughter Lily used to be a schema, we think her little sister Grace is displaying the same traits, she loves posting things (usually through our cat flap) , lining things up, and stacking, typical schema behaviour, as a huge Peppa fan i think this would be really educational for her

  5. This looks like great fun for my little one. she loves filling and emptying containers so posting the coins in would be right up her street.

  6. This would be wonderful for Christmas for Zivah. She adores Peppa Pig and I really like the fact that this is a toy that encourages and assists with learning, so will help her with counting and numbers.


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