It is time for our 2nd Twitter party – #CookWithPyrex. Together with my 3 co-hosts we are focusing on several areas, and I have chosen to do my feature here on entertaining. A good topic for me – with Ramadan not too far off, I always start to think about calling family round for iftars, and what to serve. Of course Eid comes shortly after, and again we think of what dishes to prepare!
Cooking when you’re entertaining – What do you do differently? Would you serve in the same dish you cooked with?
The main thing when entertaining is probably the amount and variety of dishes I would make. When we host dinners there tends to be a lot of people because even just with family it all adds up! So I rather make a variety so people can take whichever they like. This would normally be something like

  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Lamb Chops or a Lamb Curry (or both)
  • Vegetable dishes like Chickpeas and spinach, Spicy potatoes (Batata Harra), or a Sri Lankan mushroom curry taught to me by my mother in law
  • Rice
  • Rotis
  • Salads, and some yoghurt things like cucumber and mint raita or one with fried aubergine
  • Extras like samosas, pakoras, kebab rolls (sheekh kebab)
  • Mango lassi and smoothies
  • A few deserts

This all takes time, especially if I have to try and deal with the children at the same time! So anything to make life easier is always a good thing. With Pyrex the dishes look great so you can even serve the dishes in the same cookware you used to make it – That’s one less job to do! I love the stoneware items, they are really appealing and do look great as a serving dish on the table.

I also normally try to make deserts that I can do in a pyrex dish, rather than baking a cake in a cake tin and then having to take it out and serve on a plate. It is just easier for me and I know that they look nice in the Pyrex and will be ready to serve like that. I tend to go for anything like these which can be made in Pyrex Glassware

  • Cookie desert. This is my husbands favourite and very very easy! I will put this recipe up one day when I next make it because it is so easy, its handy to know when you are short of time. Be aware though – very unhealthy!
  • Fruit flans or Triffle
  • Cheesecake
  • Banoffee Pie
  • Bombay Halwa

What do you make when you are entertaining? Hope to see you at our #CookWithPyrex Party to share ideas! 10.30 This morning! It’s almost time!

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