Constructive Screen Time for Your Kids

Many parents are wondering how they’re going to keep their kids busy at home. Screen time doesn’t have to create conflict at home. Programming is a valuable skill, and some sites make it uniquely easy to learn, say those at Let’s explore some of the unique benefits children experience when they learn to code.


What better way to let your teen learn a valuable skill than having fun? Playing has always been an integral part of learning. When children enjoy and engage in an activity, they retain much more of the information they are exposed to. Screen time doesn’t have to be scary.


There are no limits to creativity when coding a game. Constructing a game uses the same creative skills as writing a story. Characters must take life, and a setting must be designed. A plot with a beginning, middle, and an end must be carefully thought out. Using these creative skills will be very helpful in school work.

Computational Skills

Computers solve problems. However, before the computer can solve the problem, it needs to know the possible solutions available and what steps are required to reach these solutions. You don’t need to be a programmer to use computational skills; we all use it.


When we’re faced with a problem, for example, what to cook for dinner, we start using computational skills to find a solution. First, we decide what we want to eat, are we cooking or going out or getting takeaways? Then our mind starts computing the different solutions. 


What’s needed to get to this solution, and how are we going to make it happen? For each answer, there are steps to follow to solve the problem. Coding a computer game uses these same skills – following the steps to find a result.

Problem-solving Skills

All people have problems. Learning to think as a programmer enables you to solve your problems more effectively. There are different steps to get to a solution, rather than just trying out a solution to see if it works. 


You’ll learn how to use a framework to solve your problem and work through the steps of understanding, planning, dividing, getting stuck, and practice. Each level is a skill that will have a definitive impact on your child’s schoolwork and future employment.

Perseverance and Resilience

Life is full of challenges. Coding and debugging is a fantastic way for kids to learn and practice to complete a problem and bounce back if they made a mistake. Coding teaches kids it’s okay to fail, but there’s always a solution to be found if you have the perseverance and resilience to get to your end goal.

Into the Future

Technology is here to stay. Kids are growing up in a digital world, and understanding coding reveals the science behind the technology. Most jobs require at least necessary computer skills. If you can understand the universal language of technology, the opportunities in the job market are so much more.

To Conclude

Let your children have fun with their screen time while learning valuable skills. Coding skills embrace your child’s creativity, computational thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance. They can do all of this in the safety of your own home.


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