Constructive Eating Set Review

The boys were recently set a Constructive Eating Set for review from IWOOT. This digger themed cutlery set is a really different and fun idea. The boys do have some fun character cutlery already but nothing as unusual as this!
digger cultery constructive eating setThe set contains not the usual trio of a knife, fork and spoon but instead it has a spoon, fork and a pusher. The pusher is like a bull dozer and it can be used to help little ones load up food onto their fork so it will be ideal for foods like mashed potato.

As soon as the boys saw this eating set they were interested and they all wanted to be the one to use it! There are a lot of little details like even including wheels on all the utensils so they really do look like little diggers. It’s a very cute and novel idea, and could definitely help to get children more enthusiastic when eating their dinner! I also found it kept Mr T entertained while waiting for his dinner to be given to him, as he would wheel the bulldozer pusher up and down the table.

We did find that, being plastic, the fork was not as easy for them to use to eat their food compared to metal ones which they are used to, as those are a bit stronger and sharper, but still it did not stop them using it.

The set is £11.99 at and would be ideal if you are looking for some stocking fillers or gifts for kids that are a bit different!

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